Volunteer Opportunities

If you have an interest in volunteering for this effort to the support of the physical needs of those commended full time to the Lord's work, please send us an email. Below you will see several needs that currently need to be filled. Thank you for your interest.



Do you have administrative gifts? The ability to respond to emailed questions or the desire to reach out to others to who may have needs. We can use your gifts here at the ACM Health Line. Whether it's by making phone calls, responding to emails, or using your gifts to help create patient surveys and compile data. We can use you. 


Do you desire to make a difference? Many volunteer positions take you away from your job and family. They call you in shorts spurts of time away from home where the Lord has placed you. This position will take some time but it will be in small manageable chunks. You will be placed on a call schedule and given 24 hours to respond to a full time worker need. You will receive team help and feedback from staff physicians. This is a place you can use your gifts to help with direct physical needs of fellow servants of our Lord Jesus.


We need physicians willing to reach out to full time workers. The physical needs of these brothers and sisters in Christ are enormous and the assemblies have no direct way to provide for these needs. There are several Christian Giving plans within the United States, but these plans don't tend to be as big of a benefit for those serving overseas. Always there are expenses adding to the hardship these brothers and sisters face. 

If you are interested and willing to be a part of our efforts we want to work with you. Please reach out and get in touch with our Medical Director Steve Price, MD. He would love to speak with you.